Roof Repairs in Melbourne for terracotta tiled roofs

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Are you looking to get your roof repaired and re pointed or just an eco friendly roof clean?
Terracotta tiles are what gives european cities such an attractive glow, especially the "old town" historic centres, and with care your terracotta roof could look great for years to come and stay totally reliable, waterproof and serviceable. You just have to take a few precautions. Being terracotta specialists, we can give you advice to help keep your roof in great shape in the future.

If you are not sure how long your terracotta tiles will last - give us a call for some free advice, you might be able to save yourself thousands!
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High quality roof repairs are sometimes all you need, or just roof cleaning and roof moss removal, so let us inspect your roof and we'll assess the roof, condition of the tiles and flashings and give you an honest opinion about what we think the level of roof work needs to be done.

We don’t always recommend doing a full roof restoration because its just not necessary in all cases.

We provide roof restoration and repair work in all Melbourne suburbs and dozens of happy customers who have had roof repairs provided by us back up the workmanship and our levels of customer service.

Our Melbourne terracotta roof repairs are done by tidy and polite tradesmen with a wealth of experience working in Melbourne conditions who will keep your home safe, stormproof and clean and tidy while we are doing the roof repairs on your home.
Experienced and patient enough to cope with Melbourne's changing weather - we'll look after your home and keep it storm proof as we are doing the repair.
Our business is specialised in doing terracotta roof repairs, both old and modern types of terracotta tiles.

When we do a roof inspection and quote the tradesman who quotes your job does the repair work on your home. You get consistency with high quality service right through the experience in dealing with us, from first contact ...... to job completion.
terracotta tiles with moss
These are Portuguese style terracotta tiles found locally in Glen Iris, beautifully aged but severely attacked with lichens clinging on to them. You can't scrape them off, and you can't pressure wash. These old tiles were made originally by bending clay slabs across the makers thigh, giving a shape larger at one end than the other (so they can overlap each other) - hence their name "thigh tiles". The only option here is to treat them with a biocide to remove the biofilm. Only one treatment is required but it takes some time for the dead lichens to wear away in the weather, but well worth the effort and patience.
For roof repairs to terracotta roofs we are able to clean to remove the lichen and moss, and re bed and repoint the whole roof. For roof repairs to concrete tile roofs we do a full re bedding and re pointing repair job. We don't charge for call outs to Melbourne locations and a free quote will be sent to you by email if you wish so sit back relax, and take the time to absorb what we've said in writing. We also do quotes "on the spot" but this is rare as we like to take the time to think about how best to do the work.
When you have studied the repair quote you can ask us many as you like.
We want you to clearly understand what we are offering to do for you.
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